Providing Confidence In Early Assessment

Low Cost. Reliable. Easy to Use.

We are developing the Rubitect Assessment System to empower any caregiver or healthcare professional with confidence in their early bedsore assessment. The system consists of an easy to use probe and software.

How the Probe Works

  • The disposable cover is added to the tip of the probe
  • The probe is turned on and placed onto the skin
  • Measurements of the skin are made with the probe
  • Results are provided indicating the health of the skin

The probe will take a measurement of the skin to detect changes in its health to support reliable detection. A disposable cover used with the probe makes cleaning quick and minimizes the spread of infection.

Not available for sale. Currently under development.

Rubitect Assessment Software

  • Displays the results from the Rubitect probe
  • Reliably indicates changes in the health status of the skin
  • Can be used on a tablet or computer
  • Easy to use

The software will enable a caregiver to easily monitor changes in the health of the skin to help detect a progressing bedsore.


  • Reliable
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Hand-held
  • Can be used at the bedside
  • Portable
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Makes documentation objective
  • Safe and non-invasive (does not harm the skin