Building Community Awareness

Millions of families are affected by bedsores and diabetic foot ulcers each year, but many don’t talk about it. We want to lift the veil off of these horrible, very common, and largely preventable conditions by raising public awareness. Help us achieve this goal by sharing your experience with a bedsore or a diabetic foot ulcer. The increased awareness will help prevent these conditions from devastating another family. It will motivate families to learn more about the conditions, and will give them the knowledge and courage to seek appropriate and preventative care for their loved ones.

Share a Story

When You Share Your Story Include the Following:

  • A short introduction to the affected person
  • A short description of the condition that lead to the bedsore or the situation that lead to the development of a bedsore.
  • A short description of the impact of the bedsore You will be able to share your story anonymously if you choose by using another name.

Once you submit your story it may take 1-2 days for it to be approved and posted on Rubitection’s site. If you have questions about our bedsore awareness campaign contact us at

*If you don’t have a story to share, fill out the form.